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As the operator of the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge to Canada, the Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority is the GATEWAY TO THE U.S. & CANADIAN MARKETS in New York's North Country. The bridge is in close proximity to over 60% of Canada's total population, located in the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The bridge also provides Canadians with convenient access to all points in the North Eastern United States.

For Canadian businesses seeking a U.S. location, look no further than Ogdensburg, NY

The Authority has assisted numerous Canadian firms with expanding to Ogdensburg as a means of gaining access to the U.S. Market — and we want to help your business expand to the U.S. market as well! We have available buildings and sites; business incentives; and a high quality, low cost labor pool. Call (315) 393-4080 for additional assistance.

The Authority also plays a vital role in transportation in the North Country through its other assets:
  • The Port of Ogdensburg
  • Ogdensburg International Airport
  • New York and Ogdensburg Railway
Please take a moment to view a message from OBPA's Executive Director on the Authority's varied facilities and services oriented to help grow your business in New York State.

We invite you to view our website and learn more about how the Authority can assist you with your transportation and economic development needs.

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  • Strategic Location

    Strategic Location

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    Ogdensburg, New York has a unique advantage. Situated on the northern New York State border with Canada in scenic St. Lawrence County, the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge provides easy access to major market areas in New York, the Northeast and Canada.

    Seven of the top ten U.S. markets and 60% of Canada's population is located within close proximity of Ogdensburg. Transportation access via rail, water, highway, and air makes Ogdensburg a strategic location for both U.S. and Canadian markets.

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  • Foreign Trade Zone
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    The Port of Ogdensburg is Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) qualified. Goods shipped into a FTZ are not considered within U.S. Customs territory, but in international commerce. Therefore, goods entering the FTZ do not require formal Customs entry, payment of Customs duties, or government excise taxes and can enter without thorough examination. This saves the international shipper time and money.

    Merchandise entering a FTZ can be handled in the following ways: manipulated, cleaned, destroyed, displayed, distributed, labeled, manufactured, mixed, processed, re-exported, repackaged, repaired, salvaged, sampled, sold, sorted, and tested.

    Foreign Trade Zone 118 is located at the Port of Ogdensburg Commerce Park. Adjacent to the Park is the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge which links the U.S. with Canada. The U.S. Customs Border Station at Ogdensburg is a fully serviced, 24 hour per day commercial port of entry.

    Advantages of Using a Foriegn Trade Zone

    Indefinite storage of goods to await favorable marketing conditions, without being subject to import quotas.

    Opportunity to test merchandise and to destroy, return, or repair substandard goods and thus avoid import duties.

    Manufacture goods within the zone leaving waste behind, and paying duty only on saleable product.

    Savings on duty payments due to evaporation, scrap, seepage, shrinkage or other accountable loss since duty paid is based on most recent weight of the material.

    Assembling and/or combining domestic and imported materials or components to lower import duties payable and obtain an edge in the American market. (If total value exceeds 50% of the total it can qualify for "Made in the U.S.A." label.)

    Use of Foreign Trade Zone marketing services including international trademarks, display areas, and showrooms.

    Indefinite and duty free exhibitions of goods in the zone.

    Retention of more operating capital - duty is not paid until the product is sold or removed from the zone.

    Avoidance of fines assessed on improperly marked goods reaching Customs territory. Users may withdraw a sample to determine how U.S. Customs identifies the product.

    Alteration of imported goods to conform to foreign market specifications or to conform to U.S. standards before entry into U.S. Customs territory.

    Money is not tied up in drawbacks, since import duties are avoided on imported goods to be re-exported to foreign markets.

    Premiums on insurance payments are based only upon the value of goods insured plus freight (but exclude duties and taxes) which allows for insurance savings.

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    A.N. Deringer
    800 Proctor Ave., Ogdensburg, NY
    (315) 393-1110
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    Strader Ferris International Ltd.
    806 Commerce Park Dr., Ogdensburg, NY
    (315) 394-0051
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    FedX TradeNetworks
    826 Proctor Ave., Ogdensburg, NY
    (315) 393-3317
  • Quick Facts

    St. Lawrence County

    • Largest county in New York State
    • Population (2011): 111,690
    • Leading industries: Healthcare & social assistance, Retail trade, Educational services, Accommodation & food services, Manufacturing

    Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge

    • 1.5 mile suspension bridge to Ontario, Canada
    • Heavy-load capability to 105,000 lbs.
    • Annual 2011 crossings of nearly 410,000 vehicles

    Port of Ogdensburg

    • The only US port on the St. Lawrence Seaway, and the northernmost in NY
    • Harbor depth of 27 feet
    • Major cargo handled includes inbound and outbound grain, road salt and dried distiller grains
    • Served as a staging area for windmill components being delivered to New York and Canada

    Ogdensburg International Airport

    • Small general aviation airport with service to Albany, NY and Boston, MA
    • Single runway with length of 5,700 feet
    • Future cross-runway planned for larger aircraft
    • 3,156 aircraft operations in 2011
    • 56% annual growth in enplanements

    New York & Ogdensburg Railway

    • Shortline railroad from the Port of Ogdensburg to the CSX railyard in Norwood, NY
    • Bulk services transfer yard operated at the Port
    • Intermodal transshipment of windmill components in 2008 & 2012

    Industrial Parks

    • Commerce Park is a 100+ acre business park located at the foot of the International Bridge
    • Foreign Trade Zone 118 is located at Commerce Park
    • Heavy Industrial Park has over 200 acres of rail-served industrial land
    • A 70-acre Certified Shovel Ready Site is located within Heavy Industrial Park
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    Get Directions to Our Location


    Get Directions to Our Location

    Driving Distances from Ogdensburg

    Location Miles km Drive Time
    Ottawa 61 98 1 hour 10 minutes
    Montreal 119 192 2 hours 20 minutes
    Toronto 231 372 4 hours 8 minutes
    Quebec City 275 443 4 hours 57 minutes
    New York City 374 602 6 hours 18 minutes
    Philadephia 381 613 6 hours 19 minutes
    Boston 383 616 6 hours 42 minutes
    Providence 386 621 6 hours 36 minutes
    Portland, ME 424 682 7 hours 15 minutes
    Detroit 468 753 7 hours 58 minutes
    Washington D.C. 503 809 8 hours 42 minutes
    Chicago 744 1,197 12 hours 28 minutes