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As the operator of the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge to Canada, the Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority is the GATEWAY TO THE U.S. & CANADIAN MARKETS in New York's North Country. The bridge is in close proximity to over 60% of Canada's total population, located in the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The bridge also provides Canadians with convenient access to all points in the North Eastern United States.


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Participation Fee:

$40 US

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Dobisky Visitor’s Center • 100 Riverside Avenue, Ogdensburg, N.Y.

Join the U.S. Commercial Service of the Embassy of the United States of America; the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority; and the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency at an “Expand to the U.S. Workshop” in Ogdensburg, New York, on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

This full-day event will introduce Canadian companies to expansion opportunities in Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County, and New York State. This region provides Ontario and Quebec firms with convenient and quick access to the US market. Locating a facility here can increase your sales to the United States and help to eliminate cross border issues and delays. Its close proximity to your Canadian-based headquarters reduces travel costs, and management and administrative costs. Attend and review lower overhead costs.

For more information contact Luz Betancur or call: (613) 688-5411.

For Canadian businesses seeking a U.S. location, look no further than Ogdensburg, NY

The Authority has assisted numerous Canadian firms with expanding to Ogdensburg as a means of gaining access to the U.S. Market — and we want to help your business expand to the U.S. market as well! We have available buildings and sites; business incentives; and a high quality, low cost labor pool. Call (315) 393-4080 for additional assistance.

The Authority also plays a vital role in transportation in the North Country through its other assets:
  • The Port of Ogdensburg
  • Ogdensburg International Airport
  • New York and Ogdensburg Railway
Please take a moment to view a message from OBPA's Executive Director on the Authority's varied facilities and services oriented to help grow your business in New York State.
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We invite you to view our website and learn more about how the Authority can assist you with your transportation and economic development needs.

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Port of Ogdensburg, NY Unloads Cargo for Utica Brewery

OGDENSBURG, NY – The Federal Danube ocean freighter arrived at the Port of Ogdensburg, New York November 2, 2018, bringing a cargo that will help with the modernization of an historic brewery in Utica, New York.

The 656’ long vessel sailed from Germany bearing a cargo of stainless-steel fermenting and aging tanks that will be unloaded by port stevedores and later trucked to the notable Matt Brewing Co. Inc. in Utica, New York.

“This is a unique cargo and we are pleased to be able to help out a New York business,” stated Wade A. Davis, Executive Director of the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority, which operates the Port of Ogdensburg.

In regard to the delivery of the components through the Port of Ogdensburg, Nick Matt, Chairman and CEO, stated: “This is great as far as we are concerned.”

The brewery, which makes Saranac brand craft beers and Utica Club beer, is undergoing a significant expansion.

“We are doing a capacity expansion and brewery modernization,” said Jim Kuhr, Matt Brewing Brewmaster.

“We are very pleased with this project,” added Matt. “We think it is going to do great things for us as a company.”

“This demonstrates the importance of the Port of Ogdensburg to the economy of New York State,” said John A. Rishe, Director of Commercial and Industrial Development for the port.

The Matt Brewing has a long history in New York State.

“We are an historic regional brewery,” noted Matt. “We were founded in 1888 by my grandfather (Francis Xavier (F.X.) Matt).”
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Matt noted that Utica Club beer was one of their first beers to be introduced after Prohibition.

“Saranac is now one of our most-significant parts of our brewery today,” Matt said. “We think these beers will be even better after this modernization and expansion.”

“The arrival of the Federal Danube and her cargo is a great example of the hard work by the OBPA's partner at the port, OMLC and the dedication and skill of our Longshoremen,” said Port Chairman Vernon “Sam” Burns.  “The uniqueness of this cargo speaks volumes of the potential of our port and the jobs that can be created by working together.”

“This is another excellent example of how past State and Federal investments into regional infrastructure create jobs and economic opportunities in the future", added Davis “We are delighted to welcome the MV Federal Danube to the Port of Ogdensburg and are pleased to play a part in the Utica firm's expansion.”

For more information regarding the Matt Brewing Co. visit: