Port of Ogdensburg

The Port of Ogdensburg is the first U.S. port on the St. Lawrence Seaway, and is the northernmost port in New York State. The Port is closer to Northern Europe than most other U.S. ports, thus making it highly economical for ships to import and export from Ogdensburg.

Cargo handled by the Port over the years, includes: wind turbine components; electrical generation equipment, transportation equipment, military cargo, zinc concentrate, wollastonite, marble chips, dried distillers grains, road salt, cottonseed, citrus pulp, hominy, corn gluten, etc.

The Port facility has rail on the marine terminal with a connection to CSX. The Port of Ogdensburg is a U.S. Customs port of entry with full customs services and is a designated Foreign Trade Zone.

  • Marine Terminal Service
    The Port provides a full range of marine terminal services. Marine terminal services include the handling of bulk, break-bulk, general cargo and heavy lift cargoes.

    Other services include full stevedoring, intermodal facilities, warehousing, vehicle scaling, checking and clerking, sanitary ship discharge, ship agent functions, package marking and other services.

  • Warehouse & Bulk Storage Enter description here.
    The Port of Ogdensburg boasts clean, modern and efficient general cargo facilities with over 125,000 square feet of warehousing. A newly constructed 30,000 square foot bulk storage warehouse offers the flexibility needed to expedite the discharging or loading of agricultural and industrial commodities. All warehouses are fully bonded, and heated and insulated facilities are available.
  • Intermodal Loading
    The Port of Ogdensburg operates bulk loading conveyors designed to load 100-pound material at the rate of 1100 short tons per hour. The Port has the ability to provide shoreside cranes, which range from 50 tons to 220 tons. Roll-on/roll-off service is available.

    Wind Turbine Cargo

    The Port is experienced with handling wind turbine components, having discharged over 20 vessels of components and reloaded over 100 barges for delivery to job sites in New York and Canada.
  • Harbor & Dock Information
    The harbor and slip depths at the Port of Ogdensburg are 27 feet (8.2 m), which is standard Seaway depth. The marine terminal has a newly extended 1,250 foot (381 m) wharf. The dock height is 10 feet above water level and is designed for live loading surcharge of 1,000 pounds per square foot. Low water datum elevation is 242.2 feet above sea level.

    At the Port, the OBPA has developed a $12.1 million capital expansion program. Over the next ten years outside and inside storage areas and berthing capacity will be expanded and cargo-handling equipment will be replaced or upgraded.

    There is over 70 acres of laydown area at the Port of Ogdensburg, much of which is located in a Foreign Trade Zone.